Mentonik (Prima Perkasa)

Manufacturer Herbal Alami

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Contents : 30 capsule @ 400 mg extract Mentonik


( 4 bottle for consumed 30 days )
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Extract Mentonik (Prima Perkasa) consists of 6 best herbs from Indonesia :
Extract Mentonik(Prima Perkasa)は、インドネシアの6種の最高のハーブで構成されています。
  1. Eurycoma longifolia radix (Tongkat Ali).
  2. Retrofracti fructus (Cabe Jawa).
  3. Talini paniculati radix (Som Jawa).
  4. Zingiberis rhizoma (Jahe).
  5. Languatis rhizoma (Lengkuas).
  6. Elephantopi folium (Tapak Liman).
Extract Mentonik (Prima Perkasa) increase men's vitality and stamina, natural treatment for ED.
Extract Mentonik(Prima Perkasa)は男性の活力とスタミナを増やし、EDの自然療法です。


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