Prima Sehat

Prima Sehat
stamina pria
Mens Health
Manufacturer Herbal Alami

Sales price Rp300000
Price / kg:


Contens : 30 capsules @ 400 mg extract Prima Sehat

( 2 bottle consumed for 30 days )
Extract powder color on one bottle can be different with another bottle.
That is natural leaf color when picked.
Picked in summer different color with picked in rainy season.
Price : $15 USD / bottle.
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***We only sell EXTRACT Powder and Original from Indonesia since 2011***

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If you think your supplement is not effective, you should try this herbal supplement !!!

When you wake up, do you feel tired, weak and sore ???


Now available Prima Sehat Herbal Extract to keep your body and stamina healthy.

Herbal Extract Prima Sehat is a product of pure herbal extracts, without preservatives and coloring.

You don't just get 1 or 2 types of herbs, but the best 6 types of herbs in one capsule.

1. Elephantopi folium (Tapak Liman)

2. Rhizoma Languatis (Lengkuas)

3. Zingiberis rhizoma (Jahe)

4. Plantaginis herba (Sendokan)

5. Azadirachtae indica folium (Mimba/Neem)

6. Phaleriae macrocarpae fructus (Mahkota Dewa)


Natural herbs Prima Sehat Extract increase body stamina and health.


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Help the process of treatment.