1. Select the product you want to buy, adjust the amount (Quantity) and click the "Add to Chart" (You can see a complete description of the product they will be in the "Product Details").
2. Continue with the other products you wish to add.
3. Your shopping list displayed on the Shopping Cart in the left column.

4. When you've finished shopping, click on "Show Cart" >> "Checkout".
Checkout Process is running and you are required to fill in the data requested.

5. After Checkout Process is completed, we will send an Invoice
(manually via PayPal and be patient) to you, containing your shopping total plus shipping fee. Please check your Inbox or Spam Folder.
6. Once the payment process is complete, the package will be sent to you and inform EMS tracking number.
Setelah proses Checkout selesai, kami akan kirim SMS atau email untuk pemberitahuan total belanja Anda berikut ongkos kirim sesuai dengan alamat pengiriman Anda.
For International Buyers : all prices NOT include shipping fee, after the Checkout Process we will send you an Invoice (manually via PayPal and be patient), please check your Inbox or Spam Folder.